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Mitchell K. Stubbs


Mitchell K Stubbs began his career with Susan Smith & Associates over twenty years ago. In 1999 Mitchell opened Mitchell K. Stubbs & Associates, now with theatrical and commercial divisions.


  1. I know that you’ve had some of your clients for more than 10 years. Do they ever leave you, and is there a circumstance or reason after all that time, why you would drop them?
  2. Based on the number of clients you have, have you had a consistent history in the % of true no credit developmental clients you’ll carry… like 10% or something?
  3. You left an agency to start your own, and what many actors want to understand, is how you handle the concept of “taking clients” with you… or the process of them following you?
  4. So a manager you don’t know real well, but have worked with some, recommends a “new client” of theirs to you… and you love them… and take them on. Then within days or weeks the client leaves the Manager… leaving the impression they used them… to get to you. Do you care or does that seem bad?
  5. Please define exactly what being “Hip-pocketed” actually means, and have you done it, and if not… why?
  6. Years ago you made a statement to me about how many appointments/auditions you felt your clients needed to have PER WEEK, to “have a chance” at making a living. Give me that answer again, and explain why that is your benchmark.
  7. How many theatrical reps are at your company, and how many theatrical clients… and what is reason for that number? Is it pure math, a “type philosophy” or purely about money.
  8. Explain, how you handle an “in between hold day” on a job when it is a small part and the CD is trying to get you to go against union rules and not pay the client.
  9. In 2011, if you have a client who has never been a Series Regular on a TV show, what is the acceptable industry standard per week salary you would expect to successfully negotiate?
  10. Give me a few examples of the “moment or point in time” based on whatever when an actor’s headshots, demo reel, and all of those common professional elements… just no longer need attention… because of their success and how much their known within the Hollywood community?

About the Guru

Mitchell K. Stubbs, a native of Atlanta, began his career with Susan Smith & Associates over twenty years ago. Approximately seven years later Mitchell was offered a position by the bi-coastal agency J. Michael Bloom & Associates. When that agency closed about three years later, Mitchell realized he was ready to hang his own shingle and opened Mitchell K. Stubbs and Associates, which turns twelve years old in July, 2011. Soon after launching MKS & Associates Theatrical, he opened the Commercial Department which represents approximately 250 clients. Mitchell is known for his dedication to his many long term clients, building and nurturing young actors as well as resurging some veteran actors’ careers. Mitchell has negotiated too many film, theatre and television series deals to count. Some past and present clients include David Ogden Stiers, CCH Pounder, Patty Duke, Tom Everett Scott, Paul Giamatti, Kiersten Warren, Wayne Duvall, Sara Ramirez, Marianne Jean Baptiste, Alex Kingston, James van der Beek, and Adrian Grenier.