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Angela Strange


Angela Strange is the Vice President of Operations and the Head of Adult Commercials & Print for Osbrink.


  1. How involved are you personally or does your agency assist parents in terms of setting up a Coogan account based on the Coogan law?
  2. At what age, today, would you want your clients to have a professional Demo Reel available online?
  3. Describe, for the world, what the “Check Authorization” process is and why parents should expect it, and expect it to be?
  4. Is there a reason why your agency chooses to represent within a certain age range of child performer and if so, what is it and why?
  5. How can a parent, anywhere in the U.S., actually filter out here or in their own city, and KNOW why an agent is legitimate?
  6. If you could tell every parent in the world, whose offspring wants to be a professional performer, the 3 things NOT TO DO as a parent…what are they?
  7. The question every parent on the planet wants to know is what is the best way for a parent to get their child represented by your agency and if it is different what is the most common way you find clients?
  8. Have you found in your years of experience that you drop child clients more often because of them or because of their parentís attitude/behavior?
  9. Dabble in the difficult subjective conversation of how/why/when being a SAG member at what age really matters or is a true obstacle to being represented, as well as how that varies between Commercial and Theatrical representation?
  10. Honestly Angela does the agency really care about how far or difficult the drive “from home” is to get their kids to auditions…or isn’t just we don’t want to know…just get there?

About the Guru

Angela Strange started her journey at Gold, Marshak, Liedtke Agency now known as Talent Works. She began as an intern for the theatrical and literary divisions, and later the assistant to the commercial division. Over time, she realized she needed to spread her wings so she joined the Osbrink family. She immediately started the adult commercial division with Scott Wine and later heading the Children’s Commercial department. She has been with Osbrink over 10 years. Sheís the Vice President of Operations and the Head of Adult Commercials & Print. She the winner Talent Managers Association for Adult Commercial Agent of the Year award in 2009. She has been nominated for this award in 2007, 2008, 2010 and is currently nominated for 2011. Osbrink Talent Agency is respected as one of the most professional and productive Youth and Young Adult talent agencies in the country. The company has grown into a busy mid-size agency with their talented kids and ingénue young adults, heading film, television, print, voice over and commercial projects. Osbrink takes pride in its unique hands on approach of the development of their clients, which is reflected by their success.