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Wes Stevens


Wes Stevens has advocated for talent for 17 years. In 2002, he acquired Talent Group Inc.'s voice-over department and launched VOX, Inc.


  1. Give us your professional definition of the phrase Voice-print, and how do you feel an actor can best determine what theirs is?
  2. Please explain the very important difference between Voice123 and VoiceBank, and how your agency uses either, both or neither?
  3. How does a person who believes they “should be doing Voice-Over” approach your agency and what is the filter process within your agency?
  4. In your opinion Wes, what is the single largest change in the legit Voice-Over world, other than technology and why?
  5. Please share with the world what the common categorical “types” of Voice-Over work there is and if those categories vary in any way between the two genders?
  6. Since Voice-Over artist are truly “faceless talent” how much does it matter to you to actually meet the performer and does it matter if you met them before or after you hear their demo?
  7. With technology what it is, do you believe that all voice over work will eventually become Non-Union…and if not, why not?
  8. What percentage of Voice-Over auditions are required today to be recorded AT your agency in a booth versus one of your clients creating the V/O file/audition at home on their equipment?
  9. What is the acceptable length of a Voice-Over demo in the 21st century, and what should its typical content be made up of, or show?
  10. Do you feel that someone simply “born with a GREAT voice” for radio is destined to be a terrific Voice-Over artist or do you feel that it is much more of a learned skill? And why?

About the Guru

Wes Stevens has advocated for talent for 17 years. He started in Columbus, Ohio at a small agency booking Ginsu Knife commercials in Tagalog and various other exotic tongues, while also marshalling elves and Sammy Davis, Jr. impersonators to gigs at malls and Shriner rallies. In 1995 Wes joined Talent Group, Inc. (TGI) in Los Angeles as an assistant. Seven years later, he acquired TGI’s voice-over department and launched VOX, Inc. His first booking of note was placing David Hyde Pierce in “A Bugs Life” and the journey took him back to Pixar in 2009, placing Ed Asner in “Up”. Along that road there have been many campaigns, series, films, fond memories and fun. Wes loves his staff and is excited for the ever growing future of VOX, Inc. Wes is an Army Brat, growing up in eight States and Karlsruhe, Germany. Wes is an Eagle Scout. His alma mater is The University of Virginia. Mr. Jefferson is one of his heroes. He has completed seven marathons, raising over $60,000 for charities. He lives in West Hollywood with his two dogs, Ms. Penny Fontaine and Mr. Franc N Cents. Wes has a Shaman, a Medicine Woman, an Acupuncturist, a Feng Shui Master and various other interesting folks in his life, and a cape on the back of his office door. He has a penchant for the mystical, whimsical and jazz hands. He likes the color orange and has 38 days worth of music on his computer.