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Chaim Magnum


Chaim Magnum, one of the founders of Dragon Talent, is now owner of LemonLime Agency — Talent with a Twist.


  1. Where and/or how do you find most of the clients you eventually sign?
  2. Does your company have a written client protocol for communicating with your or your office once they’re signed?
  3. Approximately how many clients do you currently have?
  4. (Bonus) Now a lot of people might think that is a big number so why, why is that actually a small… someone might go a small agency he just said small agency but holy crap that’s not small because they’re watching this from some other part of the world. Why is 200 small in LA?
  5. Do you require potential clients to read for you in their initial meeting? If no, why not?
  6. Name the two main reasons, other than not making money, that will cause you to drop a client?
  7. What is more challenging about the Commercial industry today, than in 2005?
  8. How would you describe your agency using your client types as the foundation? Meaning if I asked several casting directors to in four or five words to explain the identity of Lemon Lime agency what do you think they’d say?”
  9. Are you a SAG franchised agency, and if no, then what contract do you use to sign clients?
  10. Are you ever able to get feedback from casting on a client regarding their audition? If no, why not and how often do you ask?
  11. What efforts have you made as an agent to create relationships with casting?

About the Guru

Chaim Magnum has been a top-notch player in the Commercial Agency world since 2000. As one of the founders of Dragon Talent, an agency that focused on hip and cutting edge talent, Chaim’s latest venture is LemonLime Agency (Talent with a twist). Chaim has multiple clients that can regularly be seen in such national commercial campaigns as:iPod, Gap campaigns, Pepsi, Levis, Verizonand hundreds of other national and worldwide spots. LemonLime has maintained its street edge, while adding a more accessible and wide reaching talent base. In May of 2010 he won the Screen Actor’s Guild “Agent of the Month” award. The attention given to the most current trends in Commercials, Music and Art has earned Chaim the unique place of being one of the most sought after agents in Los Angeles and the business. And on top of it all, he truly loves pancakes.