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Hugh Leon


Hugh Leon heads the adult commercial and celebrity personality departments at Coast to Coast Talent Group in Hollywood.


  1. So how is an actor in town, new to town or from New York or Chicago going to get a meeting with you?
  2. Honestly, how much credibility do you give to commercial training when choosing to meet with a new actor, or even signing them?
  3. How do you handle and react to a high-maintenance client who is constantly requesting you to change their audition times?
  4. If a client has a time conflict for both a theatrical and commercial audition do always agree to let the theatrical appointment stand… and try to change the commercial?
  5. Your agency also has a kids department. Generally speaking what is the age mark that you would take the kid into the adult on-camera department… if at all?
  6. Describe a “typical” run down of your day from start to finish?
  7. How do you feel about managers who are taking commission on an actor’s commercial residuals?
  8. Have you ever dropped a commercial client because of their manager? If so, why?
  9. Without the Screen Actors Guild and the Association of Talent Agents having an “in tact” agreement anymore have you dealt with an actor who chooses to freelance and have a 2nd commercial agent without telling you about it? What would you do if someone did?
  10. How often does your adult theatrical department actually add a client to their roster who first signed with your agency for just commercials? And why?

About the Guru

Hugh Leon heads the adult commercial and celebrity personality departments at Coast to Coast Talent Group in Hollywood. Coast to Coast is one of the leading talent agencies on the West Coast, representing youth and adult actors both commercially and theatrically, as well as print models and voiceover actors. Coast to Coast books well over 50 national commercials a month with all major brand companies. Hugh has secured lead roles for his clients in countless major national campaigns. He received the Seymour Heller Award for “Top Commercial Agent of the Year 2007” and has been nominated for the award six years in a row. Hugh has also been featured in numerous television program interviews, and is quoted in countless national industry publications. Hugh has been an active participant in the entertainment industry for over 3 decades. He began his show business career as a child actor in Philadelphia before moving to New York City, and later to Los Angeles. Hugh Leon’s lifelong experience in show business has contributed to his unparalleled success in representing top commercial talent and celebrities. Hugh travels around the country speaking to aspiring actors about show business, as well as scouting talent for potential representation. His straightforward and honest approach has brought countless actors to competitive levels. Hugh is also an accomplished musician and songwriter.

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