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Tim Kessler


Tim Kessler serves as the VP of Content Development and Hosting at Vox, Inc.


  1. Typically how many clients will you have on your roster, and what’s the criteria for adding or dropping clients?
  2. Do you spend time online watching demo material to recruit or do most of your clients simply come to you?
  3. Why do you love representing Host talent? And, what is your absolute favorite moment as a Host agent?
  4. Is having ear prompter and/or tele-prompter experience or training necessarily a pre-requisite for hosting as a career… and is it a pre-requisite for you?
  5. Do you require that all your clients have a Hosting reel? Typically how long of a run time do hosting reels run and is it always material from a professional shoot or perhaps simply some self-produced material.
  6. In your well-established professional opinion, are great Hosts sort of just born that way… with that knack, or can you really develop and teach that particular talent?
  7. Would you rather take on someone as a client, who wants to do Hosting work, with a stronger Theatrical or Commercial background…or does it even matter to you? Why?
  8. Legally you now have the ability to produce/create projects that a client might also perform in, so do you actually spend time developing your own ideas for your clients? If yes or no, why?
  9. Do you take on clients, who are equally talented, more because of their look overall or because of their brand/personality as it applies to the industries/products that use Hosts more often?
  10. Infomercials, Shopping shows, Reality TV, Person on the street, Events, Entertainment Magazine shows, and even the Meteorologists… oy? Do you rep them all or do you specialize in a “type” of host skills?

About the Guru

Tim Kessler was plucked from the sleepy port of Savannah, Georgia by Robert Downey Jr. in 1997 shortly after he graduated from college. Tim worked for Robert for the next 3 years, serving as his personal assistant and running his production company Herd of Turtles. In 2000, Tim cut his teeth as an office assistant at Industry Entertainment in Eric Kranzler’s office, working with high profile actors such as Tobey McGuire and Josh Brolin. In 2003 Tim created the Hosting Department at Brady, Brannon and Rich Talent Agency where he started the careers of many promising hosts including Olivia Munn. Under Tim’s guidance the BBR Hosting department became one of the industry’s most respected hosting agencies. BBR’s roster of exclusive talent can be seen in every medium of hosting including reality television, infomercials, industrial projects and personal appearances. In building the department from the ground up Tim worked tirelessly and cooperatively with managers, casting directors, and producers, creating a unique synergy which gave his clients an edge over the competition, and ultimately the best possible representation for any Host. Tim’s unique beginnings and diverse background has lead him in forging another new department as a Host agent. Tim is now using the same entrepreneurial spirit and strong work ethic to build a new department at Vox, Inc. since the Fall of 2010 where he’s currently serving as the VP of Content Development and Hosting.