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Brandy Gold


Brandy Gold is a top theatrical agent at TalentWorks, which was started in 1982 by her father Harry Gold.


  1. Do you ever have to deal with, handle, or have a real issue with a client who is constantly on your back with “what they saw in a Breakdown” and if so, what would that conversation look like either from you or one of the other agents at Talentworks?
  2. I ask a lot of percentage and definition questions, so here is yours. Define for everyone what “your point” means in terms of your responsible agent, and why it is necessary for the actor, the client, to understand who their point is and why?
  3. You were at one time a Commercial agent, then a Youth agent and then an Adult agent. What for you was the hardest part about dealing with parents of actors and the biggest change in dealing with adults directly that you would really want both parents and adult actors to learn when working with an agent?
  4. With the economy what it is and has been since oh… 2007, do you see or believe that more and more production is going to actually come back to Los Angeles, or do you believe that with technology and equipment we’re at the “normal” point or that it will continue to leave LA?
  5. I’m a huge professional career perspective guy Brandy, so if you don’t mind, just toss out a random answer to this. In your experience what would you say is the average length of pursuing an acting career that it takes to make 50-100K annually?
  6. Talentworks is a strong strong medium sized agency, so to assist everyone out there watching do share with us when they’re are multiple agents in one area like Theatrical representation how the agency divides up the projects or the casting offices etc. etc.?
  7. Back in my day most of the Co-Star roles booked would now be called a 1-Day Guest Star. Clarify for everyone what a 1-Day guest really means and how it is different from 1/2 hour TV, even though they’re both primetime television?
  8. In your experience Brandy, and with the clear reality that you’re with a strong agency, about how many times per Pilot season do your client reach the “Test for a Pilot” phase… just to give some perspective.
  9. Since Talentworks is an upwardly mobile boutique agency, do you actively work to take a Literary client perhaps and have them develop a screenplay or pilot for a specific star client… and then also look to perhaps get some credits for some of your younger actors within that same project? And if so, how would that evolve?
  10. Many many agents I know who are Commercial agents are constantly fooling with submissions and the breakdowns at all hours of the night these days. You now have a child so in all truth how much work do you really take home with you, and do you feel that you have to just because you can?

About the Guru

Brandy Gold is a top theatrical agent at TalentWorks, which was started in 1982 by her father Harry Gold, with only two employees. Over the years TalentWorks has become known for representing some of the finest talent in the business, including Oscar, Emmy, and Golden Globe winners. Some of their clients are Martin Landau (Rounders), Joe Morton (Speed), Dan Lauria (Independence Day), Kelly Lynch (Charlie’s Angels) and many other stars too numerous to list. Legends and newcomers alike, are all represented at TalentWorks. Brandy was literally born into a show business family and followed in her older sisters’ footsteps becoming an actor at the age of yep… one. Brandy performed in numerous commercials, pilots, a few series, and some feature films. At 12 she decided to quit acting to continue her education to work alongside her father, Harry Gold, as a talent agent. She attended Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon, where she majored in theatre and minored in business. During the summers she interned at the agency and as soon as she graduated, she began working as an assistant to her father. She was first promoted as a commercial agent, and then two years later offered a position in the prestigious youth department where she would aid in discovering and developing young talent. She remained in this department for close to nine years and in 2009 was promoted as an adult agent. She loves every aspect of show business, from discovering talent to submitting and pitching, from making a deal to finally watching the client’s performance. TalentWorks proudly celebrated their 25th anniversary in 2007 and is looking forward to the next 25!