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Paul Weber


Paul Weber, C.S.A. is presently the in-house casting director for MGM worldwide television and the MGM feature casting consultant, as well as an independent casting director and producer.


  1. At any time, in any position you’ve held in casting, tell us your absolute #1 pet peeve with actors as well as what you wish you had MORE time for in a day.
  2. Do you think that TV producers or film directors are more likely and also willing to see completely unknown talent…for relatively large or important roles? And why?
  3. There are still basic “meetings” that many Directors have with actors, in which there isn’t an actual audition…just a meeting/interview. Describe for us what an actor should expect if they’re ever called in to meet in this way with a Director?
  4. You have the unique perspective of casting TV Series, Studio Feature Films, and also being the in-house casting executive at a Studio. Give us the basic responsibility differences and pressures between the three.
  5. When negotiating quotes and billing give us an overall basic idea of what makes one agent better than another when it comes to basic Guest star and/or Co-star roles?
  6. Do you feel that there are any tangible differences between what really resonates to a film director versus a TV producer when judging an actor’s audition, as it relates to artistic depth, choices or risks?
  7. If an actor that you’ve called in, maybe even pushed for gets hired and then behaves badly on set in terms of their attitude…does that make it back to you? And if so, how do you handle with either the actor, their rep, or both?
  8. From an in-house casting perspective, when you have a casting director working below you on a weekly show…how do you typically react to an agent or manager who goes over their head, and engages you about their client?
  9. With regards to digital technology, do you feel that most Directors are becoming more and more open to watching unknown actors who send in recorded auditions for a studio feature film?
  10. Truthfully Paul, how do you see the job description, and the profession of casting perhaps changing in the face of technology over the next 5 years.

About the Guru

Paul Weber C.S.A. is presently the in-house casting director for MGM worldwide television and the MGM feature casting consultant, as well as an independent casting director and producer. He has consulted on MGM features FAME, HOT TUBE TIME MACHINE starring John Cusack, Joss Whedon’s CABIN IN THE WOODS-3D, and upcoming, THE HOBBIT directed by Peter Jackson. His MGM television credits include DEAD LIKE ME, for Showtime, and the immensely popular STARGATE franchise for the SYFY Network, as well as SPARTACUS: GODS OF THE ARENA for STARZ. MGM home entertainment movies include: PICTURE THIS, starring Ashley Tisdale, LEGALLY BLONDES, WAR GAMES II and INTO THE BLUE 2, as well as THE INITIATION OF SARAH and CUTTING EDGE for ABC FAMILY. Paul’s LIFETIME credits include: THE HAUNTING ON SORORITY ROW starring Leighton Meester, and the Pilot of FLASHPOINT for CBS. Mr. Weber also casts 3-5 independent films a year. He is currently casting BEULAH starring Dakota Fanning and Ryan Phillippe. Credits include TABLE FOR THREE starring Sophia Bush and (Superman) Brandon Routh, and LAZARUS CHILD starring Andy Garcia and Angela Bassett, his producer credits include HOLLYWOOD NORTH starring Sir Alan Bates, Matthew Modine, and Jennifer Tilly, he is also a U.S. Casting consultant for the Canadian Broadcast Company. He is a member of the Casting Society of America as well as the Writers Guild of America. Mr. Weber conducts cold reading/scene study workshops worldwide. His intensives are designed for actors 10 and older. His workshop focuses on the personal direction and guidance that will give the actor insight into the cold reading process, help the actor develop audition and marketing skills, and prepare the actor for a successful career in the industry. As an instructor he taught the popular class The Working Actor, Get The Audition, Book The Job at UCLA. He is presently working on a book about the audition process.