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Jami Rudofsky


Jami Rudofsky has been casting in Los Angeles since 1995. Most notably, Jami cast the hit show "Gilmore Girls" for 7 years. Is addition to that great show, Jami worked on Emmy award winning "The Practice" as well as "Felicity" and "Boston Public".


The Questions

These are the questions to which you’ll hear answers during this video:

  1. SAGe, and why it is a danger for actors to lie about it? What is your opinion on committing to being SAG if eligible?
  2. Having crossed into digital casting land, how do you find it for yourself, trying to create a “new relationship.”
  3. Social media has certainly taken over the world, and with that comes a lot of Twitter, Facebook etc. What would you say is the biggest ERRANT belief actors have about trying to “use” Social media from their chair to yours…and the smartest way you feel it should by used by actors?
  4. The way electronic submissions work, the submissions with a Demo Reel attached are sorted at the top. So does that mean that you watch all of the Demo Reel’s submitted for every role on every job? And clearly if not, what % of them do you?
  5. If the role you’re auditioning let’s say isn’t a top lead in a film or Series regular but a decent Supporting role or Top-of-Show Guest Star role in Television…why would you be “OK” with an actor requesting to start the audition over…and how many times would you really let ANY actor start over…with say a 5-page scene?
  6. How do you or would you respond to the actor who just completes their audition with you, and without being asked or directed, that says they would like to do it again with different choices?
  7. If you were casting another television show tomorrow how would you determine whether you should pre-read someone and/or do you believe that pre-reads will eventually be a thing of the past regardless of an actor’s credits?
  8. When you are in between jobs, or while on a job but just at home at night or on the weekends…honestly Jami, how much time do you spend looking randomly online for talent since there are now so many actor websites and availability?
  9. In Theatrical 1-hour TV Drama casting you commonly have a Casting Asst. and then a Casting Associate…then you, the Casting Director. What is the common criteria to go from Asst. to Assoc. to getting your own show?
  10. Why is is harder today to get an actor in for an audition if: they’re unknown and no credits, with a Kevin E. West type resume, or even a relatively large name whose had a few series but not for some time.

About the Guru

Jami Rudofsky has been casting in Los Angeles since 1995, hard to believe because she is only 25 (firmly insert tongue in cheek). Most notably, Jami cast the hit show “Gilmore Girls” for 7 years. Is addition to that great show, Jami worked on Emmy award winning “The Practice” as well as “Felicity” and “Boston Public”. Jami is very active in casting Independent Features, most recently, “Somewhere Slow” starring Jessalyn Gilsig “Glee”. She also cast a high profile web series for “The Walking Dead” series on AMC, as well as “The Lake” for the CW, “In Gayle We Trust” for NBC/Universal and “The Tail Section” for Fox Digital. Aside from everything Film/TV, Jami can be found casting award winning theatre around Los Angeles. Jami has a BA degree in theatre from UCLA. She is passionate about the plight of the working actor and has shared her knowledge as a teacher working with the West Coast branch of The Atlantic Theatre Company. In her spare time, you can find Jami rescuing animals from the mean streets of LA and helping them to find their forever homes.