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Renita is an undisputed "Who's Who" in the world of Casting. With a seemingly psychic eye for spotting Superstar Talent and matching them with projects, Renita has been WOW-ing her clients since 1999.


  1. How has the digital online casting interface portion of your job altered the way headshots need to be taken and/or look?
  2. Your office currently exists in West L.A., so what is your reaction to this statement: “Oh, uh I’m so sorry, but the traffic was really bad today”?
  3. What is your philosophy, for your session runners and you, if you have a couples audition or small group and one of the actors is glaringly bad?
  4. In the commercial industry Special Skills are commonly requested. Give us your perspective on being truthful as it applies to actors and their TRUE special skills?
  5. Common commercial jargon for attire is casual and nice casual. Tell us how you define the basic difference between the two?
  6. From a trends standpoint, how much will a hairstyle of type of clothing, regardless of the actor’s terrific look, will affect or keep you from calling an actor in?
  7. Share a few options and suggestions for an actor when they get called in to audition, and the audition really only comprises telling a funny story or sharing what was fun over the Summer?
  8. You know I’m a pro-active guy, but also with immense professionalism, so explain the key difference between asking a session runner to be seen versus simply what crashing an audition is?
  9. So a commercial has a make believe family with 1 or 2 kids. Most of the time who is going to drive the priority “look” of the casting, the Mom, Dad or one of the kids? And why?
  10. If you are out on the town somewhere or just some place casual and are introduced to someone who just happens to be an actor… describe at that moment what is really appropriate for them to say or request?

About the Guru

Renita is an undisputed “Who’s Who” in the world of Casting. With a seemingly psychic eye for spotting Superstar Talent and matching them with projects, Renita has been WOW-ing her clients since 1999. Specializing in character-driven comedy commercial spots Renita’s recent General and Hispanic Market projects include: AT&T, CA Lottery, McDonald’s, Carl’s Jr., Lowe’s, Home Depot, Budweiser, Axe, and more. She is based in Los Angeles with additional offices in New York and Boston. She assembled the memorable ensemble cast of Jonas Åkerlund’s critically acclaimed SPUN (2002), which includes Jason Schwartzman, John Leguizamo, Mena Suvari, Eric Roberts, Brittany Murphy, and Mickey Rourke. She also cast Sarah Silverman’s buzz-heavy comedy JESUS IS MAGIC (2005). One need only read a portion of her credits list or view her website: to get that Renita “plays big” and with the best of the best! Renita has put a slew of actors, some of whom are now the most sought after in Hollywood, into projects just before they hit the “big time”: Jeremy Renner, Emmy Rossum, Simon Helberg, Josh Gomez, Izabella Miko and Kate Micucci to name a few. She’s even shared the big-screen herself alongside Philip Seymour Hoffman in NEXT STOP WONDERLAND! Renita employs a transformational approach to casting as she presences a new realm of what’s possible in this arena. She created the first-ever TRANSFORMATIONAL DECLARATIONS CD FOR ACTORS: and donates at least 5% of net proceeds to philanthropic organizations through her CASTING WITH A CONSCIENCE program. Follow @RenitaCasting on TWITTER and “like” the RENITA CASTING FAN PAGE on FACEBOOK.