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Danielle Eskinazi


Since 2000 Danielle's focus has been commercial casting being well known for finding edgy, interesting and talented actors to suit her directors' and clients' needs.


  1. How many electronic submissions from representatives do you typically get for a typical role, and how many actors per role actually get an audition?
  2. How much time do you spend monthly randomly looking at unknown actor demo reels online?
  3. How much influence do you have at a callback session to convince the director, production company or client to hire someone?
  4. How much printed marketing material do you receive weekly from actors and do you look at it?
  5. Are certain agencies or managers known, in your mind, for having a strong “type” or “look” of actor as opposed to
  6. What do you love most about casting, Commercials?
  7. How does an unknown and unrepresented actor, who lives in L.A., manage to get an audition with you?
  8. How often, in Commercials, does a specific actor get requested that you then must audition?
  9. What percentage of your typical week is spent trying to create NEW relationships so that you get more Casting jobs?
  10. How long will it take a “new agent or manager” to gain your confidence so you audition their clients?
  11. 11:01 – 12:15 “Two or three jobs… wow.”

About the Guru

Danielle Eskinazi started casting films in 1988, with such up and comers as Hank Azaria and Milla Jovovich, along with established talent such as David Bowie, Buck Henry and Rosanna Arquette. Since 2000 Danielle’s focus has been commercial casting being well known for finding edgy, interesting and talented actors to suit her directors’ and clients’ needs. Eskinazi commonly casts 25 commercials every 3 months, including spots for Chrysler, McDonald’s, JCPenney, Ford, and Parker Brothers.

Eskinazi cast first-time director, Alexandra Hedison’s (girlfriend of Ellen DeGeneres) AFI short, as well as the award-winning short, You’re Still Young, directed by Barbara Green. With film and TV regulars increasingly crossing over into commercials the high competition has raised the level of play and there are plenty of actors to choose from who have the depth and training necessary.

A world traveler from birth, she was born in Egypt, after which her family moved from Cairo to Paris to the Bronx and finally to L.A. She was tiring of her job at retail store on Melrose Ave. when a friend working at Triad Artists, one of the big three agencies at the time, was looking for an L.A. casting assistant to connect with New York CD’s Billy Hopkins and Risa Bramon Garcia with an for the film At Close Range starring Sean Penn and Christopher Walken. The friend offered the job to Eskinazi, who had zero experience in casting, and she accepted. She spent a couple of months on the project and never looked back. Danielle can be found at her Sunset office wearing an AC/DC t-shirt and sitting behind a massive wood desk.