I am now working with Austin Leshay at MGMT Entertainment... Truly I have no idea where I'd be without TAN and your specific wisdom, advice, [and] connections.

— Ben Whitehair

A straight shooter within an industry hardly known for its integrity, Kevin’s the real deal. Best investment in your acting career, as far as the business side of things go, that you’ll ever make.

— Troy McFadden

Taking a private with Kevin gave me a real look at what I needed to work on and how to approach it. I truly feel that Kevin's insight and knowledge helped me make stronger business decisions.

— Brian Baldini

Working with Kevin, I was able to acquire several meetings with agents and managers... He helped me edit my reel in a way that caught peoples attention and left them wanting more.

— Darin Toonder

Nobody will map out your path for you but you so if you’re planning on dedicating your life in pursuit of the arts, do yourself a favor and sit down with Kevin for an hour.

— Matt Knudsen

Informative, clarifying, and inspiring, Kevin gave me information I hadn't known, specific points I needed to address, and he got me to be honest with myself about what I really want from this.

— Jane Kinsey

A decade after my first demo reel consultation with Kevin, Editors still consistently compliment me on my level of preparation and I credit this back to time well spent with Kevin E West.

— Paul Bond

To have someone like Kevin on your side to help you get through Los Angeles without having to make all of the same mistakes... is invaluable.

— Lonnie Hamerman


In a Theatrical audition it is imperative that you’re able to walk in, find your body position, and be totally relaxed

If you find yourself becoming resentful or feel anger building when heading to an audition, just stop.

If you want your creativity to help you, then spend 100% of your time on the creation itself, because you know acting.

90% of managers today function like agents without the state bond. Don't expect much from them.

Memorization is important for film and television performers, but you have to have vision behind it.

Choosing to not pursue acting as a career isn't quitting. It's simply choosing the joy of art over art plus commerce.

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