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Welcome to The Actors’ Network blog. You have just stepped into a whole new world. Since 1991 TAN, as we will refer to ourselves throughout this blog, has been a unique pioneer, leader, and beacon for the professional performer within and beyond Los Angeles. While we certainly applaud the performer, performances, and the art of our profession, the reality is: a huge percentage of this profession is a business.

The TAN blog is dedicated to assisting your understanding of common acting obstacles as well as to increase your knowledge, awareness and understanding of the professional acting world as it is in Hollywood. However, do know that a large percentage of the information and perspective you will receive from our blog is applicable in your city too.

Our professional best,
Kevin E. West (President/Founder)

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Kevin E. West

About Kevin E. West

Kevin E. West is considered Hollywood’s foremost authority regarding the business aspect, of Show Business because he is the rare combination of both current working professional with expertise / perspective and consultant. Kevin E. West is the President and Founder of The Actors’ Network, the most recognized, trusted, and industry endorsed actor’s business organization in the United States. Kevin is personally responsible for pioneering the guest speaker series concept, a retail discount program for actors, as well as an ongoing internship program for actors never before seen prior to 1991.

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