Top 5 Most Watched Webisodes in September 2010

WARNING! May read this and feel incredibly discouraged about the state of art in this world!

This may be a tough pill to swallow for those of us who put an incredible amount time and energy into making creative quality projects to put out there to the entertainment industry… BUT it IS important to understand what kind of content is being consumed by the general public.

Read on, if you dare.

Lord help us all.

1. The Annoying Orange (our old friend is still hanging in there)

- a video series about a bothersome orange that talks

Views: 64,120,102

2. Key of Awesome

- re-makes of popular music videos (actually really funny)

Views:  31,544,932

3. Fred

- a series about a teenager with a Chipmunk voice going around and doing things… a movie has actually been made starring Fred.

Views: 30,544,860

4. Happy Tree Friends

- a very odd cartoon “seemingly” for little children but with an odd macabre feel

Views: 20,903,739

5. Smosh

- um… I’m not sure… a red hot chili pepper battling a pink sprinkled donut and a talking cow.

Views: 20,851,374

P.S. I am scared to tell you all that I actually liked watching some of these videos. Urgh.

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