Biggest Mistakes In Voice Over: Part 4

Focusing Only On The Hustle (aka Ignoring the Craft)

Spark up the interwebs, and you’ll see some pretty active voice over talent online.  They are blogging, tweeting, giving advice, connecting with one another, starting groups on facebook, and posting ad nauseum to online message boards.  Most of these folks have some very sound advice to offer talent who have questions, and for that I am extremely appreciative.  These mensches have taken the time to demystify the business of voice over (herein I shall call the “hustle”).  Side benefit for these social media mavens is that they’ve built a wonderful platform for themselves as voice over experts. Continue reading

What is IVR?

IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response, basically, you call a company looking for information, and a computer detects your voice and telephone touch tones to get you the info you need. For example, let’s say you need to call the airline to get a flight status.  A pre-recorded, pleasant sounding voice will ask for a flight number, and once you answer, the IVR system will answer you using pre-recorded voice clips.  The airline you called pays a voice talent lots of cash to record all of these prompts, instead of paying hundreds, potentially thousands of customer service reps all over the world to look up the information for you.

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