CD Workshops: Tool or Tragedy?

Alright allow me to be clear about this Blog, because many reading this know my feelings about the “pay to play, paid workshop” concept, but many others do not. I’ve listed it as Tool or Tragedy because so many people will “always argue” that they “got something positive” out of it…and therefore it is a tool. Got it. Many others, who have spent hundreds to thousands of dollars since their inception in 1987 and have not gotten much out of it, may therefore likely call it…a tragedy. My purpose in presenting this Blog is not related to  Continue reading

A Breakdown Manager…isn’t a Manager!

Did the title get’cha? Did it make you mad? Did it make you think, shit wait, is that “my manager?” My thought is I kinda hope so, probably and yes…it is more than likely. :) No, I’m not making fun of or laughing at Managers in ANY way. And no, I’m not poking fun at you or your rep…not at all. I am however, at this time in Hollywood, finding it really really necessary to draw a DISTINCT line between “real Managers” and ManaGENT reps. Huh? Continue reading

Vine: Cuz I only have 6 seconds!

So I’ll take the assumption you know what The question is, what the heck does it have to do with being an actor or the business of acting? I hear ya, but hang with me, and I’ll get to the point. I’m not sure we can cut our brains much shorter but 6 seconds is pretty damn short. Yes, a lot of good and bad things can actually happen in 6 seconds, as many many sports fans of all kinds know. But when you’re talking about focus or as an  Continue reading

Your Brand? Uh…ok!

So let us take a brief look at these two definitions: 1. a type of product manufactured by a particular company under a particular name. “a new brand of detergent” 2. an identifying mark burned on livestock or criminals or slaves with a branding iron. Now obviously actors ARE indeed their own CEO, and this is indeed a business, and yes, you are in your own way…a company. Now I’m unwilling to call us livestock although Alfred Hitchcock and many others over the years would certainly be more than happy to call Continue reading

Why are you in L.A.?

Wait, don’t think this post ONLY applies to you if you’re actually physically NOT in L.A. :) If you grew up 100 miles from London, but are now IN London as an actor or you’re from Perth and you’ve moved all the way to Sydney and/or any other tiny small area but you’ve chosen to move yourself to “the big city” this applies to you. Way back in the mid-90s I Continue reading

Hollywood: Ultimately Unchanged!

Yeah yeah you see this title and you’re like “What the HELL” are you talking about Kevin. And while I hear you the reality is, it is absolutely true, and there is a reason why. I rolled into the “City of dreams” just like you did, or will someday, with lots of thoughts, dreams, Continue reading

Submission INSANITY!

I mean…seriously…I can’t handle it man. Where have we come to at this point in digital technology. Are 9-year olds now posting New Media, Ultra-Low Budget & student films too? At this point I’m trying to calculate between the Legit breakdowns, LA Casting, BackStage, NowCasting, ActorsAccess, Universities and Non-union stuff exactly Continue reading

F.E.A.R.: The long term damage…

Yes, it is true, we all have it…FEAR. Sure you can break it down as “False Evidence Appearing Real” or you can choose the other one “F**k Everything And Run” but either way it is there…in all humans. However, when it comes to being an actor I would say there there is a much higher level of it, simply due to our position on the totem pole. You see Continue reading

Information: The value of blinders!

Huh? What? Kevin…what the hell are you talking about? Blinders? Yes, blinders for actors, because in so many ways we are our worst enemy. Why? Because again this profession has so little structure as it pertains to “direction, focus, choice and purpose.” The reality for us is a phrase I’ve used for years and it’s called, ACTOR NOISE. You see we have the Continue reading

SCAMS: Fact or perception?

Alright alright, let’s go ahead and get this answer out of the way. Are there scams in life? Sure. Are there, have their been and are there scams today in Hollywood? Sure, probably, most likely and yes. But ultimately the question for me, with regards to this particular subject, is “what defines a scam…really” in Hollywood terms? Because we’re constantly Continue reading