Silence: Seriously not a form of communication!

Ok…wait, silence is a form of communication. I mean sure, we all realize that sometimes it isn’t what you DO in life…what you DON’T do…speaks volumes. Yeah, so I get that, but my point about silence is that it really is NOT a form of communication and never will be. What silence does, between ALL humans, is it leaves too much room for confusion, as Continue reading

Neilsen Ratings: Coming to mobile device near YOU!

Well, it took over 10 years, but you knew this day would come. Since the dawn of television its meal ticket is advertising. You certainly could always say that the existence of TV is really due to the use of toothpaste and laundry soap. But since the 21st century erupted with digital technology, the content creators have no way to truly track Continue reading

Apple: Commercial “skipping” TV controls! Hello!

YEAH…it is gonna happen. Take note of my recent blog about the “end of free TV.” This is just another example of WHY we’re headed in that direction…and in some ways headed to the way the Masters golf tournament and the way the World Cup soccer event has funded itself for years and years. The World Cup has an entire game “sponsored” by like MasterCard…and during the game the logo/brand of MasterCard just sits there in the lower portion of the screen. It is like a “Title Sponsor” of an event is listed. And the Masters Continue reading

Why do you WANT to take it personally?

Hopefully the title…really got your attention. And hopefully it got your attention for the right reasons. Now I’m not assuming, nor presuming that you do WANT to take it personally but with all due respect, in general, to the humans within my actor community…after over 25 years in this crazy business…it do think that it is a common sub-concious thought. Why?  Continue reading

TasteTest + YouTube = KickMe-GoGo

From sizzle promo video, to show concept to then PLEASE give me money. Ha. Listen, I completely, and absolutely, get the beauty and the wonder of new media funding. Not only does it allow you to utilize friendships, family and other outlets to fund your idea/project but it also allows complete strangers to get behind your vision…which is GREAT, BUT… Continue reading

TWC v. CBS: The end of Free TV…is coming!

Whether you have had or currently have Time Warner Cable, you may likely have heard (or been affected by) the recent “contract dispute” with CBS as it is related to their programming being a part of YOUR cable package. Let me assure you this is just the Continue reading

It’s about an Audience…silly!

So let’s just take this in for a moment…SHALL we. Below we have this statement from Hollywood news: Starz is developing a half-hour scripted series Survivor’s Remorse with NBA all-star LeBronJames, comedy exec producers Tom Werner, Mike O’Malley, Maverick Carter and Paul Wachter. The series explores what happens to Cam Calloway and Reggie Vaughn when they make it out of one of Philly’s toughest neighborhoods. He has an incredible vision for television and I’m really excited to partner with him and the rest of our team.”  Now I’m not trying rain on anyone’s cupcake brunch…but come on with the Continue reading

IMDB: The 411 on the DOB!

Ok…so here we are a couple of years post the first real “firestorm” that erupted over IMDB (Amazon) listing our “Date of Birth” on one’s IMDB page. Now while they’ll be continued debates over whether or not you can truly REMOVE it, I just looked up Tom Cruise and Meryl Streep…and by golly…there are their dates of birth listed. So my purpose in this Continue reading

Appreciating the “Spencer Tracy” mantra!

Let’s examine this simple anecdote phrase which has become historical lexicon in Hollywood: “Come to work on time, know your lines and don’t bump into the other actors.” This is the source and purpose of this blog because it is such an important reality for our community when it again, comes down to working PROFESSIONALLY. I say that because a high percentage of actors today started when they were kids and Continue reading

12 a year…that’s all I ask!

For years there was an almond company whose tag line was: “A can a week, that’s all we ask.” I LOVE that, as a branding plan, because it keeps it doable and simple. I also LOVE the “most interesting man” in the world campaign for Dos Equis beer…because of this phrase: “I don’t always drink beer, but when I do, I prefer Dos Equis.” It is brilliant. Because in BOTH cases they’re understanding the long haul, not the extreme short term. Continue reading