Amazon Orders Comedy Pilots!

Recently, as there seems to be almost every week, another conglomerate gets into the game of monetizing or investing in the ability and future reality of content creation. So now Amazon, not so long ago, dumped a bunch of money into the commitment of 6 Comedy Pilot orders. And while this is GREAT news in so many ways it is also causing quite a bit Continue reading

Motivation to Write Your One-Person Show

Sometimes motivating to write a one-person show is challenging. There’s no one waiting, no necessary deadline. It’s just you, on your own, accountable to no one. That may cause your writing motivation to sag, it’s understandable and common! Happens to me all the time! Here’s are some ways I’ve found to juice myself. Continue reading

WHY do a one-person show?

As I said, doing a one-person show is a lot of fun, and it’s available to everyone.  Why do it?  What can you expect to get out of it? Based on my experiences from years of performing mine, here are some benefits and results you can expect from doing a one-person show (and in my subsequent blog, I’ve list some results you ought not to count on): Continue reading

Get started: Choosing a Subject For Your One-Person Show

Performing a one-person show is hella fun. You thinking of doing one? I say go for it, and I’m going to help you. In this blog series I will share with you all my ideas and experiences with writing, self-producing, and performing a solo show. I’ll start with the first question you may be asking, What’s My Show Gonna Be About? Continue reading