Biggest Mistakes in Voice Over: Part 3

Trying For An Agent Too Soon

I know that getting an agent is a big goal for most talent, as well it should be.  And I’m not going to deny the importance of having a really great agent for one’s career.  But I notice that for most voice over talent, getting an agent is an obsessive pass time–heck, the same goes for most on-camera talents, too!  Yes, we need agents.  We need good to great agents who have access to copy so that we can have access to copy so that we can book jobs.

How soon is too soon to get an agent? Continue reading

The First Two Seconds

Place yourself in the mind/ears of a buyer who is combing through oodles of auditions.  Usually your agent is the first in a long line of people to listen to your audition.  Your agent hears all of the auditions that their clients send in for a particular role.  Let’s say they hear 50 people for one spot.  If you were to listen to 50 auditions of the same copy, you would be sick of hearing that same copy by 9 or 10.  Imagine what it feels like by 25 or 40.  And then think about how you’d feel if you did this all day every day…with multiple auditions per day. Continue reading

A New Season-

I think the biggest thing about television season–August to December–is that there is a renewed excitement about the potential of work in the industry. Despite the very year-round nature of this business, just like actors, managers and reps feel certain lulls or slow periods. What’s wonderful about this time of year, though, is the rejuvenation of activity after weathering the hectic pilot season (it was indeed better this year) and the lull of summer. We’ve taken these “slower” summer months to reevaluate and renew our client list. We’ve taken the valuable time to bring on new clients who ignite the fire within us, and serve as a reminder as to WHY we got into this crazy business anyway (to rep awesome, creative beings). And we’ve (hopefully) taken a personal day or two in order to fight another day. Continue reading