Marketing is NOT Selling

We know that we must “Market” ourselves, yes?  Ok, so we all agree on that, but honestly do you know what that really means?  Not saying you don’t, but one of the things I have noticed more recently with actors who are ‘marketing’ themselves is that they are substituting marketing for selling and get upset when they don’t see the immediate results.  Big Mistake.

I  know its a fine line, but when you put a postcard, odd size mailer, letter, card, etc, etc…. in the mail are you marketing or are you selling?  You might think selling, but you are not.  Think about it.   Given the nature of our industry today with the fast paced electronic world, the only real selling is being done electronically (another topic on how effective this is), by your reps  and/or by you doing drop offs the day you know a project with a specific role is being cast.  Other than that, you are marketing yourself.  What you do, how you do it and if they like what they see, where they can see it.  The sad thing here is that most marketing goes unnoticed or doesn’t get acted upon immediately and suddenly actors say, “Damn, its not working”.  Well, think about.  How many images are you hounded with day?  Now think about casting, agents, managers and producers…no different.   The key is that you don’t stop doing it.  Keep sending something (I know, what to say and what to send…more on that later) on a regular basis and remember that building a brand takes time and if you think about your marketing efforts as a long term approach vs. a short term answer, you will be much happier with the results.

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Mitchell arrived in Los Angeles late in 2003 and took that advice and turned to his experience working in Marketing and Sales for the Cleveland Browns, adidas American and GMR Marketing to begin to lay the foundation of a successful career. His TV credits include guest appearances on LIFE, THE FORGOTTEN, COLD CASE, CSI: NY, THE UNIT, CLOSE TO HOME, THE COMEBACK, STILL STANDING and a recurring role on CSI as well as the 2006 ABC Pilot HIM & US, starring Kim Catrall. His feature credits are the 2006 David Fincher directed feature ZODIAC and the 2011 Eddie Murphy feature A THOUSAND WORDS. In addition, Mitchell works as a consultant for actors on developing simple and effective marketing plans. He can be reached at

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