Interview with Brandon Martinez- Head of the New Media Department at Abrams Artists Agency (Pt. 2)

The interview with Brandon Martinez, New Media agent extraordinaire continues…

6. What are the sites you visit most often for new material?

My Twitter feed.  Hands down.  If people keep talking about something,
I’ll check it out.

7. What do you think that the New Media world will look like in 5 years?

There will be Apps on our tv where we can watch whatever we like,
whenever we like.  And short form content will stand beside traditional
television and film.

8. Do you see New Media and television and movies merging?

Not specifically merging, but every “traditional” project will
absolutely have a relevant digital component.

9. Is it possible to make a living doing webshows? Either

I am proud to say that I have allowed a handful of clients to quit their
day jobs and live entirely off income from web series.  I hope to have
many many more!

10. Why are you so awesome?

I have awesome clients who inspire me to keep knocking down doors.

And if anyone wants more of Brandon (how could you not?) he can be reached on Twitter at @awesomeosity.

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