Hot Career in Cool Summer

While Los Angeles is having it’s coolest Summer possibly EVER, let’s hope your acting pursuits are creating some heat. When I taught the first twelve years after college, I enjoyed the three favorite things about being an educator: June, July and August.  I suspect we actors get into a vacation mode somewhat during the Summers as well, what with vacations, friends coming to visit and just great beach weather.

So be sure to have a glorious August as we head toward the Fall season of  T.V and movies yet to be filmed and crack open that new list of goals and plans to keep the heat going to the end of the year!

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When Tom’s not hangin’ at TAN with his fellow Tannites, he also owns his own health and life insurance agency. Because it’s strictly a commission based business, Tom’s always available for auditions, callbacks and shoots. It’s the perfect fit for him as he LOVES being his own boss and only having to answer to himself. And let me tell you “HIMSELF” can be a pretty stern taskmaster. He loves helping fellow actors and others navigate the complexities of the insurance marketplace. In the future, Tom will be blogging about how his two career worlds fold together nicely, or at least most of the time. Tom’s got a Masters’ Degree in Mass Communication from the University of South Dakota and a Fine Arts degree from Wayne State College in Wayne, Nebraska. He was a famous actor in Sioux City, Iowa before bringing his A game to Hollywood.

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