Why TV is now like Major League Baseball!

Now of course this will take a moment or two to clarify because many folks reading this may or may not understand the analogy right off the bat, because I do not presume that everyone knows…the backbone of baseball. But once you understand it, then I know you’ll Continue reading

20 yrs. and 87 No’s: What’s your beef?

Labor of love. Passion, persistence, focus, vigor and purpose. These are all words and a concept we’ve been told for decades, centuries etc. etc. They sound great in a blog, in a movie, in a book, in a poem or a speech…but what are they really like…in the truth of life? Continue reading

A Marianne Williamson New Year!

So at this point in the later part of January you’re finally getting “settled in” to the New Year. The Holidays are truly over, you’ve gotten back to town, maybe you’ve gotten rid of a few Holiday eating pounds, you’re officially back into your routine or whatever you call… Continue reading

Passion doesn’t have to equal Profession!

At the end of the year, this may be the most important Blog you’ll ever read, both for your sanity and your lifestyle. You see, I too sat one day in a theatre alone watching a movie and said to myself, yep that is what I’m going to do. It was a huge life and profession direction change for me, and now the better part of my life has gone by after that one fateful day. I don’t say that because I have regrets or Continue reading

The true value of CLARITY!

As we all move through yet another calendar year there is no better time to discuss this then now. While you’re in the midst of resolutions, New Year’s goals and reflection I highly recommend that part of your looking back includes this word; FOCUS. Continue reading

A place called Home!

Being present, being alive, being “in the moment” are all phrases we use in acting class and with the show aspect of this profession when it comes to engaging our minds deep enough for us to believe a character enough and present them so that our audience enjoys the willing suspense of disbelief. But allow me to address something that is obviously far more applicable to those who have “left home” for another marketplace…but just because it isn’t Nashville to L.A., doesn’t mean it doesn’t apply. Continue reading

Living it…forward!

All of my December blogs have a crossover feel to them and touch on similar concepts and subjects because this is the annual time of reflection, projected change and the New Year…YOU. Certainly we all know the phrase; Pay it forward, and we know its intent. I’m going to offer this adjunct to the theme and suggest you begin to; Live it forward. With whom do you consort…and why? Continue reading

Friends of friends of friends…!

No this is not a Blog about your Facebook page or how many friends you have. It is, however, about the concept of the degrees of separation we laughingly fool around with in terms of Kevin Bacon and how we often view our “place” within our given location and being important to that domain based on “who we claim to know.” A lot of times folks like to take me the “wrong way” because it pleases them to do so. Continue reading

Get yer money right!

Ha…this is phrase used by Chris Rock in one of his stand-up routines…and I do LOVE me some Chris Rock. However, in this context, my point while related to Mr. Rock’s routine is much more about the health of your mentality and your day to day experience “while pursuing” a performance career. You see I’m an advocate of the phrase “money can’t buy happiness” because it is true in the purest sense. Continue reading

CD Workshops: Tool or Tragedy?

Alright allow me to be clear about this Blog, because many reading this know my feelings about the “pay to play, paid workshop” concept, but many others do not. I’ve listed it as Tool or Tragedy because so many people will “always argue” that they “got something positive” out of it…and therefore it is a tool. Got it. Many others, who have spent hundreds to thousands of dollars since their inception in 1987 and have not gotten much out of it, may therefore likely call it…a tragedy. My purpose in presenting this Blog is not related to  Continue reading