David H. Lawrence XVII

About David H. Lawrence XVII

After a 30 year career in radio and technology, David H. Lawrence XVII joined The Actors’ Network, took advantage of the amazing resources TAN offers, and moved to on-camera work. Within 8 months, his booking ratio rose dramatically, and he’s been seen on LOST, CSI, The Unit, Heroes and countless other shows and features. He is the national chair of SAG’s New Technologies committee, helps other actors create their own voiceover career with his award winning Demos2GoGo voice demo service, and created the hit iPhone app for actors, Rehearsal.

New SAG year, new committee population

The elections have been had, the votes have been counted, and a new year of work begins for the Screen Actors Guild. If you’re a member of SAG, you can help shape it’s future by serving on any number of committees that help administer and guide various functions the Guild offers for members.

And that includes the committee that I’ve chaired for the last year, SAG’s New Technologies committee
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Is Old Media Really Dead?

There’s no doubt about the fact that traditional media has become an overabundance of programming on niche channels, all with far lower ratings than were standard when there were just 3 major network outlets and PBS on your TV. And there’s no doubt that the rise of YouTube and VOD and new media based programming is the darling of the news outlets.

But does that mean that new media is our future, and old media is dead? Not so fast. Continue reading