Darcy Halsey

About Darcy Halsey

Darcy has appeared in numerous television shows, including CSI and NOAH’S ARC, with recurring roles on SCARE TACTICS and BREAKING UP WITH SHANNEN DOHERTY. Her film work includes BEHIND THE SMILE, written and directed by Damon Wayans, a starring role in the gritty drama, DARK HEART, and MATERIAL GIRLS, opposite Anjelica Huston. Darcy recently shot the thriller, DRIFTER, directed by award-winning director, Roel Reine. Darcy is currently starring in a comedy web series that she co-wrote and co-produced called POLLY G.

Interview with Brandon Martinez- Head of the New Media Department at Abrams Artists Agency (Pt. 1)

Brandon Martinez is the head of the New Media Department at Abrams Artists Agency,  a top 10 bi-coastal talent & literary agency.

AND he happens to be my New Media agent and he kindly took some time out of his busy schedule to answer some questions for me… and you… Continue reading

Top 5 Most Watched Webisodes in September 2010

WARNING! May read this and feel incredibly discouraged about the state of art in this world!

This may be a tough pill to swallow for those of us who put an incredible amount time and energy into making creative quality projects to put out there to the entertainment industry… BUT it IS important to understand what kind of content is being consumed by the general public.

Read on, if you dare.

Lord help us all. Continue reading

We need a contract to do a Webisode?

You have a camera. You have a great idea. You know a guy at a great high traffic site who promised to post your hot new show as soon as it was done!

Making a webisode is easy.

Kind of. But keep in mind that in order to do a webisode and post it online with even one SAG actor, you need to file the production through SAG and use a New Media contract. Yup. SAG has a new media contract. Continue reading

Are Webisodes Worth Doing?

We, as actors, are inundated with hundreds of ways to forward our careers everyday, especially in Los Angeles. In addition to film and television, we can pursue voice over, hosting, industrials, stand-up, student films, and a host of other venues. Not to mention opportunities at writing, directing, and producing. And being the innovative creatures that we are…we hear about someone being discovered doing improv on a street corner and we add it to our list of worthwhile pursuits. Continue reading

What is a Webisode?

First of all, what is this new word?

A somewhat clever combination of “web” and “episode”, defined on Wikipedia as “a short episode, which airs initially as Internet television”. It did not get inducted into Merriam Webster’s Dictionary until 2009 and my computer still spell checks the damn thing every time I write it.

Okay, so it’s an episode of a web series… an installment of a show on the Internet. What does that entail? Well, it’s a short form serial show of any type and any subject. And when I say “any” subject, I mean ANY. For example, according to the site www.visiblemeasures.com, the # 1 most watched web series in May (with almost 50 million views) was called “The Annoying Orange”, about a talking… orange. A typical web series has between 10-12 episodes a season and runs roughly between 2-7 minutes each. Continue reading