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About Anna Vocino

Anna Vocino joined TAN in 2002, which she credits for shortening her LA learning curve by several years. An on-camera actor and voice over talent, she can be seen on “Free Radio,” an original comedy series airing on Comedy Central. Her voice can be heard in hundreds of commercials, television shows, video games, narrations, promos, and movie trailers. She also performs improv and sketch periodically at the Upright Citizens Brigade in LA.

Biggest Mistakes in VO Part 7: The POA Factor

Some actors get further along in their careers and develop a Pain In The Ass factor.  Some actors bring their POA factor to this business from the get-go and have to be humbled before learning how their behavior might prevent folks from wanting to work with them.  I hope you have a POA factor of 0.   Continue reading

Biggest Mistakes In Voice Over: Part 4

Focusing Only On The Hustle (aka Ignoring the Craft)

Spark up the interwebs, and you’ll see some pretty active voice over talent online.  They are blogging, tweeting, giving advice, connecting with one another, starting groups on facebook, and posting ad nauseum to online message boards.  Most of these folks have some very sound advice to offer talent who have questions, and for that I am extremely appreciative.  These mensches have taken the time to demystify the business of voice over (herein I shall call the “hustle”).  Side benefit for these social media mavens is that they’ve built a wonderful platform for themselves as voice over experts. Continue reading

Biggest Mistakes in Voice Over: Part 3

Trying For An Agent Too Soon

I know that getting an agent is a big goal for most talent, as well it should be.  And I’m not going to deny the importance of having a really great agent for one’s career.  But I notice that for most voice over talent, getting an agent is an obsessive pass time–heck, the same goes for most on-camera talents, too!  Yes, we need agents.  We need good to great agents who have access to copy so that we can have access to copy so that we can book jobs.

How soon is too soon to get an agent? Continue reading

Biggest Mistakes In Voice Over: Part 2

Last post, I discussed the dangers of not practicing aloud EVERY SINGLE DAY.

This week’s biggest mistake to make in VO:


Well, that seems silly, right?  Why would anyone want to get a job in television or radio and not have a working knowledge of what is being broadcast in media these days?  You’d be surprised.

I’ve heard many justifications for why people don’t listen…they can’t afford cable, it’s a waste of their time, it’s intellectually beneath them, that reality stuff is “junk” or “noise,” they can’t stand the commercials…

Continue reading

Biggest Mistakes In Voice Over: Part 1

In this multi-part series, I’m going to address the biggest mistakes we make in voice over.  I articulate these mistakes because I’ve made them, and I’ve seen others shoot themselves in the foot, not even realizing that they’re making mistakes they can so easily avoid.

Biggest Mistake #1: Not Practicing Aloud EVERY SINGLE DAY

If you are not practicing every single day, you are preparing to fail in voice over.  A week without auditioning makes me rusty, so I can’t even imaging staying sharp if I’m not doing this work each and every day.  Continue reading

Voice Over Talent Success eBook from Doug Turkel

A few months ago, my wonderfully talented colleague Doug Turkel asked me to be a part of an eBook that has been begging to be written for years now.  He managed to finagle almost 30 of today’s top voice over talent to contribute their advice and secrets to success.  When he asked me to be a part of it, I was absolutely thrilled.   Continue reading

When Buyers Cast a Wide Net

I was talking with a very talented VO artist the other day, and she had something stuck in her craw.  She had just been at an audition for a project she already auditioned for.  Not a callback scenario, but an actual audition where the producers directly called her in to read, even though she knew she had read on the same role a week earlier through her agency.  Instead of taking it personally and wondering why they didn’t respond to her first audition, this wonderful VO talent went in and knocked ‘em dead with her read. Continue reading